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Leadership is written with ‘L’ for Love

Being a female entrepreneur and trying to thrive in systems that have not been designed for females is challenging, but also a great learning opportunity.

Most of the times we are told that we are not ambitious or competitive enough, however, we are fearless when it comes to defending what we love and we are passionate about: from family, work, projects to ventures, we are filled with fire. 

Not the fire that consumes an entire forest to ashes, but the type that creates and transforms iron into essential tools and beautiful objects.

As female entrepreneurs, we communicate and express our ideas differently, but it does not limit the drive and strength to achieve the goals that we are set to. This is true, because as the co-CEO and co-Founder of Be Girl, a company that designs sustainable menstrual products to allow every girls and women to freely participate in daily activities and achieve their full potential, I am convinced that we have what it takes to achieve our mission. Regardless of all the disbelief, we are the spark of an entire revolution.

Every day since I started this venture in 2014, I remind myself that good leadership starts from the concept of LOVE: to love your work, your team and yourself. 

Often the focus is on the tangible success of the company in general, from the amount of revenue raised to the number of people reached, but very little on the emotional state of the people who drive the bus. Yet, my experience has proven me that it is as important to have a healthy account with enough revenue as it is to have a team that really believes that is being appreciated, and that their work matters. 

Working with a team 80% constituted by women, shows that love along with commitment can take you places. As a leader, it is crucial to make sure that absolutely everybody in your team feels valued, this feeling unfailingly translates into the best results for the individual, the team and the company as a whole.