Genderful Society Exhibition

Launch of Genderful Society Exhibition

1st Interview of Talking with SPROWT with Pedro Carvalho, CEO of Absa Bank

The first webinar on Ethics in Leadership touched on a variety of topics and shared various perspectives from industry leaders in different business 

sectors. Recognizing that business models and leaders need to adapt new forms of leadership and ethical guidance within their core operations.


  • Joaquim Muando – Associate Director, Consultant at KPMG


  • Jovita Fazenda – Project Associate at the Ethics Institute in the Siemens Integrity Initiative in Mozambique and Associate and Supporter of the Coalition for Organizational Integrity of Mozambique
  • João Figueiredo – Chairman of the Board at Mozabanco and Ambassador of the SPROWT Foundation
  • Elsa Prata – Director of the Ethics and Customer Ombudsman Office at EDM (Electricidade de Moçambique)
  • Guilherme Daniel – Co-Founder and Executive Director at GDA Advogados and Board Member of the SPROWT Foundation

The 2nd Webinar titled ‘Women in Leadership’, was filled with powerful messages affirming the roles of men and women in today’s world and

how the actions of leaders in organizations are a key factor in changing organizational culture and the need for gender inclusion in companies.


  • Gaspar Sitefane – Executive Director of Action & Mozambique and Accredited Ethics Trainer by The Ethics Institute


  • Luísa Diogo – Chairperson of Board of Directors of Absa Bank Mozambique
  • Margarida Couto – Responsible Partner of the Social Economy & Human Rights Area at VDA (Vieira de Almeida), CEO of the Vasco Vieira de Almeida Foundation, and Ambassador of the SPROWT Foundation
  • Zarah Merali Sacoor – Founder of the ‘Once upon a.. me’ Platform and Ambassador of the SPROWT Foundation

Dr. Dário Camal – Advisory Member of the African Union Youth

The third webinar on Diversity and Inclusion in Corporates, showcased insights from five national and international leaders and experts.

This webinar illuminated society on the concepts, practices, and principles surrounding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, featuring practical case studies from companies such as Total Energies, Absa Bank, and the Port of Maputo.


  • Açucena Paul – Founder of Feedback Companies and ECP – Sustainability and Development


  • Maxime Railloud – Country Chair of Total Energies Mozambique and Executive Director of Total Energies Mozambique
  • Lara Pacheco – Lawyer and Legal Consultant, Social Activist and Quantum Empowerment
  • Bernardo Aparício – CEO of Standard Bank
  • Osório Lucas – Executive Director of the Maputo Port Development Company
  • Chiara Condi – Activist, Speaker, and Specialist Advisor and Consultant in DE&I

The fourth webinar on Gender Neutrality in Fashion, delved into the evolution of the global fashion market and its disparities

compared to the current national market landscape. Panelists explored how consumers perceive brands and the accompanying expectations in today’s fashion industry.


  • Vasco Rocha – CEO of Imagine and Founder of the MFW (Mozambique Fashion Week) Platform


  • Shaazia Adam – Fashion Designer and Founder of the brands ‘Shaazia Adam’ and ‘Mina by SA’
  • Sibelle Tomo – Fashion Designer
  • Gitanila de Matos – Events Manager at Flor Real

Official Launch Event of the SPROWT Foundation

Artists participation at the 1st Genderful Society Exhibition