“SPROWT is our universal voice and way of giving back, creating a global social impact for the benefit of all”

PIONEER Leadership Network for Women in Africa, is a network for leaders and executives, aiming to promote and lead more women to leadership positions, while balancing and promoting inclusive relations and interaction with all genders.

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Little Genius is an integrated Early Childhood Development Program for children from the age of 1 to 5. The program offers a Whole Brain Learning Model, teaching both the left and right brain to create harmony with one another.


The development of the brain and knowing how to maximize the talent available within the organization is fundamental to achieve the results through great performance.

The Whole-Brain Development Center focuses on aligning organizations with the necessary tools to achieve sustainable development promoting Diversity and Inclusion which brings out the best of all people.

SPROWT Academia

The SPROWT Academy focuses on innovative programs and integrates a training method to the employers and employees of companies, institutions and organizations, in areas of strategy, leadership and sustainability.

The Academy implements guides and surveys to complement the training and qualification in such areas. Designing frameworks, methodologies and practical instruments, to enhance the alignment of the SDGs and ESG.