SPROWT ARTICLE | Jovita Fazenda

Jovita Fazenda

Women in Leadership

We often talk about women in leadership, and it seems like a current and relevant topic, which it truly is, as a focus area.

But if we really want to make an impact, we need to start demystifying what this means; reminding women that they have been leaders since the beginning of time, and what is at the center of discussions today is not turning women into leaders but rather dismantling beliefs built over time that the role of women was only supportive.

This doctrine that undermines the confidence of the vast majority of us about our real role in the family, in society, at work.

Women have been leaders forever, and it is from this innate power to influence and command that the need arose to create a socialization that would make us doubt our own strength.

As women, in discovering this voice and strength, we have the mission to share with other women our fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities so that they understand that we are equal and that overcoming life’s challenges lies more in the decision to believe in oneself than in what society says is the role and function of women in society.

As women, being a leader today is being a light on the path of other women and inspiring future generations to grow more knowledgeable about the power of their femininity.