SPROWT ARTICLE | Ana Zara Fateally

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The Value of Brand... What are we talking about?

We’re referring to the perceived value by consumers and the population, in general, regarding the positioning of a particular product, project, or service in the market. And how do we work on this perception? We achieve it through strategies aimed at promoting and strengthening our Brand, by instilling positive attributes and associating them with the organization’s strategy behind that Brand. It’s not an instant or easy process. Considering the market and competition, we can say it’s a time-consuming process that requires continuity and resilience. Brand custodians have a significant responsibility, requiring investment of time, resources, and consistent efforts to strengthen its position in the market and ensure long-term sustainability.

When we talk about Brand, we’re not strictly referring to just a name or a logo, but rather an entire identity and the values it encompasses. A Brand doesn’t exist on its own; it’s the result of acceptance of a company’s product or service, which constructs meaning and purpose in the market, leading to the development of a Personality.

A strong and valued Brand creates an emotional and social connection with Customers. This connection is exactly what it needs to differentiate itself in the market and gain robustness and strength! Additionally, it must convey trust, credibility, and security, which positively influence purchasing decisions, foster long-term loyalty, and contribute to the organic growth of the business.

With all this, we’re indeed talking about the market’s acceptance of the offer being made available because without this prior acceptance, the Brand cannot even position itself, and consequently, we can’t have a perception of it.

The strength of a Brand, most of the time, embraces challenges and faces crises in a less stormy manner, considering that its own followers help mitigate the negative impacts of unexpected situations. A Brand’s reputation assists it in times of need, as long as trust is not lost and mistrust does not spread. This is because loyalty is the crucial characteristic of a valued Brand.

Valued Brands, considering the added value they offer, can justify the preselection of their consumers and even the prices they practice in their offerings. They are considered valuable assets and an attraction for investors and partners, which can be especially important in business transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, and investor evaluations.

Similarly, a strong Brand attracts qualified talent, strengthens the team, and drives innovation within the structure. Within the company, valuing Brand influences and inspires Employees, promoting a cohesive organizational culture aligned with values. This can be a factor in increasing Employee satisfaction and engagement, making the team more motivated and productive because Employee pride and identity make them committed to the organization’s success, turning them into Brand ambassadors, both inside and outside the company, which greatly contributes to a positive reputation and image.

Today, with innovative ways of communicating, companies invite their own Employees to promote the Brand and support its purpose in increasingly emotional ways. An engaged Brand encourages innovation and creativity from those who are part of it. Employees who fall in love with their Brand are predisposed to face challenges and overcome obstacles on behalf of the organization. This helps strengthen the organization’s resilience and its ability to adapt and thrive in an environment of constant change.

The importance of Employee motivation (which cannot be underestimated) to enhance an organization’s Brand is evident. Motivated Employees play a fundamental role in almost everything that contributes to the Brand’s valuation. And this is reflected in the quality of service provided, providing positive experiences to Customers, strengthening the Brand’s reputation, and building Customer loyalty. Investing in Employee motivation is essential to strengthen and protect the Brand, ensuring its continuous success.

In this sense, we also speak of Employee turnover rates, which are much lower when the Brand they are associated with has significant value in the market. This is important because turnover can have a negative impact on the Brand’s consistency and strength in the market, in addition to increasing recruitment and training costs within the company.

And how can Marketing help a Brand in its valuation? Through various strategies aligned with the Organization’s objectives. Marketing works tirelessly day in and day out. The goal is to elevate Brand perception and, thus, promote its values and differentiators, aiming to make it distinctive and desirable, positioning it relevantly in the market.

Through meaningful interactions and positive experiences, marketing strengthens the emotional bonds between the Brand and consumers. It increases Customer loyalty, adding value to the proposal presented to the market, which refers to the Brand’s promise to the segment it aims to approach, an approach not only of the mind but also of the heart. This role is crucial in managing the Brand’s reputation by responding to feedback, monitoring image crises, and promoting a positive image through authentic and relevant messages.

For me, when I talk about a strong Brand, I cannot help but mention the Brand that is closest to me, and equally close to all other Mozambicans – the BCI Brand. It is undoubtedly strong, speaking for itself, without needing extensive introductions, in this and other markets.

BCI is now a Universal Retail Bank, with a modern brand and communication line, around Mozambican values and greater proximity to Customers of all market segments. This line has been evolving coherently in the institutional and commercial communication of the Bank. There is a valorization of the Brand, always seeking to convey its identity and the values that are rooted in it, and defining its essence, projecting the Country and the Bank into the future. We have had the audacity and ambition to be in the Customer’s daily life, creating an approach supported by trust, with the Brand itself belonging to the Customer.

Through the creative concept of our Campaigns, we have been building the Brand for almost two decades with a positioning that distinguishes it from the competition. This work has been decisive in helping to achieve market leadership, solidifying its position as a strong and widely recognized and coveted Brand.

In a growing and highly competitive market like ours, BCI has opted for differentiation and consistency, which has added value in its sector of activity. BCI reflects, year after year, the best of Mozambique and Mozambicans. This Brand always aims to be a reflection of the most precious and special values of Mozambican identity, showing and reminding campaign after campaign, the credit that the institution gives to the importance of Mozambican identity. This careful and comprehensive work extends to all branches of the banking institution’s activity. With every action taken, from the products and solutions it creates to its social responsibility actions, enhancing local culture, throughout the national territory, and its relevance to consumers.

In summary, for BCI, proximity is the key. As a Bank from here and with a culture of excellence, it is committed to driving the country’s economic and social growth, creating value and generating satisfaction for its Customers.

We are a Bank that is from here, in its way of being and acting, in everything it does and communicates, which sets us apart from the other main banking Brands present in the Mozambican market. We praise Mozambique and the best the country has.

The process of building the value of the BCI Brand has always focused on consumers, on people. This approach is consistent in every innovation brought to the market and is well present in everything it presents and represents, in a consistent manner. We adopted storytelling and continue to count on Mozambique in our marketing, and we have become the reference in this market. The Brand has reached a position that transcends marketing and the way of banking. It is already part of Mozambique’s vast geographical and emotional landscape. And that’s why it is said with pride, BCI is from here.