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The Learning of Change

From certainty to uncertainty, from a comfort zone to the unknown. That’s how, in 2016, I embraced one of the greatest challenges of my life.

After a few tumultuous years on a personal level, with a promising and unquestionably rewarding career in the field of law, the unexpected moment arrived to save the company that had been created in 2002 by ‘my’ Mariana’s father with enormous sacrifice.

Dedication, innovation, teamwork spirit, and resilience have been, and still are, the words accompanying these last years of my existence.

Initially, success seemed unattainable. However, after a short time, the image of my new puzzle, once confusing, seemed to start emerging. Creating a new store concept, having the courage to turn the page on the previously followed style, re-educating employees (and customers!), energizing the available resources, and modernizing existing infrastructure were some of the lines of thought and strategies followed to reach where we are today.

In these past years, I learned that we are capable of anything.

I learned to respect the wisdom, teachings, and experience of those who had embarked on the project before me, which is now also mine.

I learned that together we are truly stronger and that reciprocity in respect and learning is essential to achieving success.

I learned that success is never individual and that it is in those around us, often in the background, that we find the strength and courage to face and overcome all difficulties.

These years were worth it for the change implemented in the project I dedicated myself to (the HomeCenter project, for those who don’t know me!), but above all, for the learning they gave me. Today, I walk with greater tranquility because I know that, surrounded by those who care about me, I am capable of anything.