Marcia Silva scaled 1

Her Leadership in the Corporate World

It is inevitable to admit the obvious: the higher the leadership positions, the fewer women occupy them and reach the top of organizations.

And she is a leader who is part of this group of women!

She is faithful to her principles, values, and identity. She is self-assured, resilient, insightful, and sensible.

She invests in herself: in self-esteem, self-knowledge, and self-education. She knows her weaknesses and areas for improvement, but she also knows her strengths, which she has learned to intensify because they hold the impulse she needs to move forward.

She inspires, influences, and impacts: in teams, colleagues, superiors, family, friends, and wherever she goes, thanks to her special way of being.

She is conscious: she knows that a woman’s life has phases less conducive to a successful career (marriage, motherhood, among others), and therefore, when opportunities for professional growth arise, she seizes them by giving her best and standing out!

She has vision: she knows where she is and where she is going. She understands the organization and adjusts her expectations to the reality around her without losing focus, believing that processes, contexts, and the experience along the journey will provide solid foundations for growth.

She is fearless and objective: she faces her fears and overcomes them, speaks her mind, advocates for ideas, embraces challenges, and makes things happen!

She? Leads by example, focuses on solutions rather than problems, separates the important from the urgent, and personal life from professional life.

She follows her instinct: guided by the keen sixth sense that femininity has by its nature, bringing a different leadership style, more collaborative, more consultative, and less directive.

She believes in herself: she does not victimize herself for being a woman, ignores prejudices, does not seek favoritism, and does not want ease because of her gender. She wants to evolve through her potential, technical skills, and capabilities, with recognition as the stepping stone to reach where she wants and make a difference.

Multifaceted, courageous, and a winner of various challenges simultaneously,

She is our leader!