Early Childhood – Whole – Brain Math Program

November 11 – 12, 2021


Among children what finish primary school in Mozambique, nearly two-thirds leave the system without basic reading, writing, and math skills. The SPROWT Foundation through its Little Genius Center has developed the first early childhood whole – brain math learning program for children aged 0-5. The program was developed for this age group specifically because young children have the ability to “subsidize” numbers in a way that adults or older children cannot simply because of how their brain develops. The earlier we begin teaching math, the easier it is for children to calculate equations in their mind. This program develops a strong math foundation along with problem-solving and thinking abilities for school readiness.

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The training workshop had the objective to familiarize the participants with the program and how to teach little children math using flashcards and other activities to enhance their math skills and knowledge in shirt 10-minute lessons which could be integrated into any teaching program as a complimentary component to leaning.

The training also intended to help participant learn the importance of purpose driven movement and eye training as part of a child’s dairy morning routine to improve brain development and preparedness for learning and assimilation

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